You can enter an available postcode in Australia along with the average electricity bill to find the annual savings and payback period of installing the solar energy system. This calculation also provides you with an electricity comparison chart.
  • postcode
  • household details (average bill $)
  • system details (size , cost, electricty consumption)
  • battery storage
  • property details
  • annual savings
  • payback period
  • solar system cost
  • return on investment (ROI)
  • chart of electricity bill comparison

Solar system size/ Solar battery/ Electricity usage
This calculator provides the user living in India with the calculations of the average solar irradiation and the size and cost of the power plant based on the user's location and rooftop's characteristics.
  • Total rooftop area/ Solar panel capacity/ Budget
  • State selection & category of customer
  • average electricity cost (Rs./ kWh)
  • average solar irradiation
  • size and cost of the power plant
  • electricity generation from power plant
  • financial savings

Solar irradiance
You can enter the postal code of any city in Australia along with the size of the solar system in order to get the results of the electricity generated.
Postcode & system size (kW)
Chart of monthly electricity generation (kWh)

Electricity price/ Solar system output/ Solar savings/ Solar income
You can enter a specific location and get the corresponding longitude and latitude values of it. In this way, the results will give you the capacity of the solar panels that will be used in the location you're at.
  • Capacitiy
  • Tracking axis
  • System loss
  • Tilt angle
  • Azimuth angle
Charts of Daily mean & Monthly capacity factor

Capacity factor
** advanced
  • Latitude & Length
  • type of energy
  • energy consumption per day
  • percentage of monthly consumption
  • power system
  • performance ratio
  • energy daily
  • PV system inclination & power
  • charge controller
  • battery
  • inverter charger

Solar photovoltaic installations
Use this arbitrary postal code "SW1W 0NY" in order to unlock the calculator. Then, go to the map and choose your specific location.
  • postcode (UK)
  • roof slope
  • shading percentage on roof
  • roof direction
  • installation size
  • hours spent at home
  • energy generated
  • installation cost
  • CO2 savings
  • electricty bill savings

Electricity bill saving calculations
You can enter the zip code of your location, as well as the average monthly consumption of electricity in order to get the result of the recommended solar system size.
  • Energy consumption per month
  • zipcode (to determine the hours of daily sun received)
Solar system size

Solar photovoltaic installations