By entering the zip code and selecting which state in the United states, you get the estimated cost of the installation of the PV panels.
  • zip code
  • state
  • if home shaded or not
  • monthly electric bill
  • utility company name
Cost of installed solar system

United States
Solar system installation/ solar savings
By entering the energy of the appliances used daily, you get the results of what solar panel kits you need to power the appliances with during each month.
Energy required by appliances per day
  • Efficiency adjusted Watts-hours amount for the panels to be able to supply
  • Solar Panel Kit Required for each month

United Kingdom
Solar system size
If living in country of India, you can enter your location and your average monthly electricity bill to find how much will the solar panel size be and get an estimate of the savings of your solar system.
  • location
  • monthly bill
  • consumer category
  • solar system size
  • savings
  • contribution to the environment

Solar savings
You can enter the annual power consumption and a zip code from Germany, in order to get the results of the solar system's annual electricty generation, as well as the installation costs.
  • annual electricity demand (kWh)
  • roof area
  • zip code
  • tilt angle of rooftop
  • alignment of rooftop (N/S/W/E/..)
  • annual electricity yield
  • installation cost
  • CO2 savings

Solar system output
By selecting a state in India, entering the tariff type and average electricty consumption, you can get the recommended system size as well as the estimated annual generation.
  • state
  • tariff type
  • average energy consumption (monthly kWh)
  • connected load (kW)
  • average monthly bill
  • system size
  • size required (squared meter)
  • estimated annual generation (kWh)

Electricity price/ Solar system output/ Solar savings/ Solar income
You can get the solar system cost and recommended size by entering the postcode, the average electricty bill and your electricty consumption.
  • postcode
  • average 3month electricity bill ($)
  • electricty usage (day/night/both)
  • System cost
  • payback period
  • solar panel size recommendations

Purchase cost/ Solar savings/ Solar ROI
This calculator gives the calculation of the average annual energy in output of solar PV generator and total annual amount of electricity bill by taking as inputs the power of solar panels, global incident ratio, performance ratio, and cost of energy.
  • Power of solar panels
  • Global incident radiation
  • Performance ratio
  • cost of energy
  • Average annual energy in output of solar PV generator
  • Total annual amount of electricity bill

Solar PV energy and financial gain
You can enter your average electricity consumption per year in addition to the hours of available sunlight in your location, and the desired solar array size in order to get the total solar system cost and number of panels needed to be installed.
  • energy consumption per year
  • solar hours per day
  • % of electricity bill offset
  • solar array size
  • monthly electricity bill
  • solar cost
  • number of panels needed
  • solar savings
  • electricity bill comparison

Solar array size & solar savings
You can enter an available postcode in Australia along with the average electricity bill to find the first year savings and payback period of installing the solar energy system.
  • postcode
  • pv size (kW)
  • angle from horizon
  • battery
  • electricy bill
  • first year's savings
  • payback (years)

Solar savings