This software aids professionals to implement design projects for solar systems, size and analyze complete PV systems.
Radiation calculation
In order to get the approximate solar energy system price, you can enter the postcode and relevant information about the type of solar system you desire.
  • postcode
  • email address
  • solar panel brand
  • system size
  • inverter brand
  • inverter size
  • roof type
  • single/double story
Solar system price

solar system price
You can enter the state and the monthly electric bill to check the savings from the solar energy system.
  • State
  • Current electricity bill
  • If shady roof or not
  • savings over 20 years
  • system cost

United States
Solar savings
By entering your average monthly energy consumption and the percentage of desired power to be generated by the solar energy system, you get the result of the minimum system size.
  • monthly electricty consumption
  • desired power percentage to be generated by the solar power
  • peak sunlight hours
Minimum solar system size

Off-Grid Energy System Size Calculator
To get the energy output by the installed solar system, you can enter the insolation level, absorber area in meter squared, and the electricity cost.
  • Insolation Level (kWh/m2/day)
  • Absorber Area (m2)
  • Electricity Cost ($/kWh)
Energy output

Solar system output
You can check your estimated savings with installing solar energy system by entering your recent power bill and the solar system size.
  • recent power bill
  • daily power consumption
  • peak sunlight hours
  • solar system size

Solar savings
By selecting which country and city you're living in, you get the simulation of the solar energy system's tilt angle based on each season.
  • Select country
  • Select state
Tilt angle during the seasons

Solar angle calculator
You can enter your daily energy consumption and the average sunlight hours in order to get the estimated size of the solar energy system and the battery.
  • Total electronics Watts consumption
  • hours running devices
  • charge controller efficiency %
  • peak sunlight hours/day
  • System size
  • battery size

Solar sizing calculator
This calculator provides the user living in India with the calculations of the average solar irradiation and the size and cost of the power plant based on the user's location and rooftop's characteristics.
  • Total rooftop area/ Solar panel capacity/ Budget
  • State selection & category of customer
  • average electricity cost (Rs./ kWh)
  • average solar irradiation
  • size and cost of the power plant
  • electricity generation from power plant
  • financial savings

Solar panel size/ Solar system output/ Solar savings