Solar Energy research paper and reflection
This research paper illustrates all the main information on solar energy, concerning its advantages, disadvantages, uses, and which top countries were responsible for the solar energy generation.
Too much of a good thing? Global trends in the curtailment of solar PV
This paper demonstrates a condensation novel in China, Chile, Germany, And United States.
Assessment of Solar Radiation in Saudi Arabia
This paper sums up the examination of King Abdullah City’s Renewable Energy network, based on 30 stations with a 12 months duration.
Solar Drying
This research paper discusses the uses of solar radiation in drying, a little preview on its history, and in which places it is mainly used.
Energy 4 Households
This website shows the importance and benefits of sustainable energy in our everyday life as in cooling, heating, and economic empowerment.
Performance evaluation of a solar photovoltaic system
In this article, an experimental study of photovoltaic panel is done where it is self-cooled and tested in 2 soil natures with 2 different angles.