Toufic Rizkallah

Consultant at Pesco Energy SAL

Toufic Rizkallah is an Energy and Sustainability Consultant with 4 years of experience in both private and public sectors. He performed 6 Major Energy Efficiency Projects, shared the EE and RE improvement of Regional Strategy, and established a renewable energy program for a BT.

Maha Chalouhi Chalhoub

Consultant at NEEDS

Maha Chalouhi Chalhoub is a Business Development Manager at NEEDS for 15 years. This team provides energy services and some trainings as Energy Management System and Planning residential PV backup systems.

Jihad Chahine

Consultant at Navitas Technology

Jihad Chahine is the Founder & Managing Director of Navitas Technology. He and his team provide various service contributions for energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Nader Hajj Shehade

OTB Consultant

Nader Hajj Shehade is a Renewable Energy Enthusiast and a Sustainability Advocate; as well as the Founder and Principal Consultant at OTB. Nader is a specialist in energy and sustainability for more than 13 years.