Bassem Salem

Consultant at Salem International Group

Bassem Salem is the Technical Director of Salem International Group. He has thorough experience in PV systems where over 250 systems were established in Lebanon; as well as wide experience in NEEREA publishing over 100 projects.

Nabil Hakim

Consultant at Power and Green

Nabil Hakim is the CEO of Power & Green SAL Integrator Renewable Energy. He provides solutions to several fields including Manure to Energy, Solar PV and Solar Solutions.

Rami El-Richani

Consultant at Powertech SAL

Rami El Richani is a Consultant at PowerTech with more than 13 years of experience in renewable energy. He submitted more than 25MWp solar projects, delivered energy storage systems and solar energy solutions. Nowadays Rami is advising the renewable energy development of 8 industry experts.

Simon Gerges

Consultant at Phoenix Energy

Simon Gerges is the Manager at Phoenix Company. This team has a great NEEREA experience, provide energy efficiency solutions, and have more than 8 years of experience as EPC.